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DIY Ice Cucumber Pads (bye bye puffy eyes)

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I've been a zombie for the past week. I've flown to 4 different cities and my sleep schedule is jacked up. So I wanted to show you this natural home remedy trick for diy ice cucumber pads that's also fun to make! All you need is cucumber juice! More tips on post beauty detox tips Follow, like, share and more: ♥ Subscribe! ♥ My Twitter: ♥ My Facebook: ♥ My Instagram: ♥ My Blog: Music by The Mollies - Send Me to the Moon

Channel: Howto & Style
Author: Michelle Phan

Length: 02:30
Rating: 4.945401
Views: 2524805


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Video Comments

Naomi Suzahara
"That shit can last you a whole month"
Grace Lisi
Can you use cotton balls?
Sydney O'Bier
My problem has never been puffy eyes, my problem is dark circles! Are they just uncurable or what?!?!
Morgane G
+Michelle Phan Since I don't have a blender or a juicer, what I do is slicing some cucumbers and put them in the top coldest part of fridge for a night and apply this directly to my eyes the next morning before washing up my face. It is literally iced cucumber slices. Is that a good alternative idea? I have been doing this for some time now, and I think it also helps my skin waking up and get rid of little imperfections etc. (Sorry my english isn't perfect)
Nevaeh Carter
Watching this in November 2015/2015
hesh happyr
Am i the only one that thinks she sounds like Kim Kardashian?
"that shit last you a whole month" LMAO 
Haseen Asyura
can i use green tea instead?
AJ Santiago
I feel like I'm the only guy here. lol
Elana Lepishina
I'm allergic to cucumbers on my face... Can I use like an orange or lemon etc

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