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Bill Bannochie
Every site I looked at for aquarium rock backgrounds, it is all for buying or making these for inside the tank. So, for everyone who has the problem of what sealer and paint that is safe to use, I came up with the perfect solution. Make the background to go on the back outside of the tank.I got a 55ml thick piece of polystyrene, long enough to go the full length of my tank and cut it to height. Use a thin knife or long hacksaw blade heated over the gas cooker, then it will cut the polystyrene like butter. Try on a waste piece first. Then shape the rock effect with a heated round file or something similar, being careful not to burn all the way through, also, I used a soldering iron for finer detail. Then you can spray paint with one or several colours, and to finish off, I got an artificial topiary ball from a garden centre, or you can use one of those sheets of grass matting for aquariums, and pull off the individual pieces and stick them in the rock grooves here and there. Believe me, the finished background looks authentic and very natural. To fix it to the rear of the tank, place it against the glass and wedge it against the wall with several pieces of wood or whatever takes your fancy.The big bonus of this method is, it does not take up tank space, you don't need to worry about using toxic paint as it goes on the outside, and finally, it is quick, and very cheap to make with a fantastic end result. Why no one else uses this method for a backgroung amazes me.
Sky Lopez
@keatts6865 totally understand. my 125 aint gettin any smaller. im going to wait..... a very long time lol
Mine is still going strong - the second attempt - if you have seen all of my videos I did not glue this one in well enough and had to start over! So use lots!
Mason B
idk what stores you have in your area but where did you get your foam caus ei check ben franklin and home depot and no luck, maybe lowes? idk respond ASAP please! got fishies waiting for new home, thanks =)!
want some advice from you. i have 10 " redtail catfish, 12" pacu and two 13" walking catfishes. if i make one 3d aquarium background like you wont the fish eat that cement coated polystyrene? plz do reply
do you trim off the back making it flat too fit in the aquarium better? i also make a lot of these thank you!
Richard Walsh
damn... why didn't i think of this? great idea cutting and stacking them...
Susan Smeshek
sadly 1:30 it looks like bacon stacked up on top of other to me XD
Part two is posted. Hemail good things come in small packages : ) I had to do some more tweaking for my Emporer 400's and repaint and have started to silicone netting to keep fish from back. So hopefully within next two weeks will silicone to tank and then my family will move out from the smell I am sure as it is pretty chilly here to have window open... : )
your an idiot

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